How we do it

Stepsin follows a very creative and innovation approach to develop any application

At Stepsin, our knowledge of interactive technology goes beyond the-buzzword-of-the-mouth We take the time to understand clients' goals. Then we develop intelligent, interactive solutions to meet them.

As a full–service interactive design agency, we help our clients achieve all of their goals by making sure the brand experience is fully realized, from the planning stages to the final implementation. Our designers and developers create compelling solutions that target our clients' objectives and their audience’s needs by finding a true balance between form and function.

  • 01. Discover

    We begin each project with extensive research and evaluation to ensure the vision and objectives are clearly outlined. The ideas and conclusions generated from this analytical process serve as the fundamental building blocks in helping plan and create new businesses, services and applications.

    We work closely with our clients to ensure a successful roadmap is in place as we embark on each project.

    1. Project Management
    2. Brand Strategy
    3. Content Assessment
    4. Competition Analysis
  • 02. Design

    For us, the design process must express all the relevant information, materials and requirements gathered for the project. The success of our work is not only in making our clients and their stories visually appealing but also in achieving the project goals and business objectives set in the beginning.

    Our design process aims to identify and communicate the underlying messages, functions and characteristics that bridge the gap between your brand and audience.

    1. Branding
    2. Interaction/Interface Design
    3. Mobile/Web Applications
    4. Web Design
    5. Print
  • 03. Develop

    We apply a rigorous and detailed approach to our development work, ensuring that the completed implementation matches the finalized design. We take great pride in crafting flexible and scalable systems that are able to handle real world needs.

    1. iOS Development
    2. Android Development
    3. Web Development
    4. Cross Browser Testing
    5. Flex/Flash Development
  • 04. Deliver

    Sending your product or idea into the wild is an exciting and often profound moment in the little story we’ve been writing together. Whether we are your technical or your design partner, we'll walk through the launch with you making sure every detail is in place.

    When the details start proving themselves, we'll celebrate with you.

    1. Site Analysis   Reporting
    2. Usability Testing
    3. Content Assessment
    4. Documentation